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On Hing Metal: Robust, Precision Die Casting & Robotic Assisted CNC

Top 10 Metal Working Solution Companies in APAC - 2019

Metal working has come a long way from just blacksmiths handling the hammers and screwing the nails to deploying automated systems to run their operations. Today, the industry is driven by innovation and technology than manual labor, and as a result, top metal working companies are producing metal goods at a faster rate with great accuracy. In a robust economy that is being driven by commercial and residential construction activities, top metal working organizations are utilizing the new opportunities emerging in the market to grow their bottom lines and gain exceptional outcomes for their efforts.

In the wake of such disruptive technologies and techniques, top metal working organizations are embracing programmatic machining and automation at a large scale. Currently, many modern metal working shops have adopted CNC machines and programmable presses. Advanced technology continues to play a significant role in the fourth industrial revolution, which finds more and more manufacturers utilizing connected devices that facilitate metal object production from start-to-finish. The types of technology currently deployed at top metal working firms is both wide and varied, and it’s helping them work smarter, better, and faster. Undoubtedly, machine tools act as the backbone in the metal working industry to provide precise and accurate metal objects. Subsequently, machine tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) play a critical role in accurately cutting the metals by the highest degree of precision.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up its sleeves, these metal working companies are constantly proving its mettle in the field of Manufacturing. We hope this issue of the Manufacturing Technology Insights helps you build the partnership and harness most of the current technological developments introduced in the manufacturing sector. 

We present to you “Top 10 Metal Working Solution Providers in APAC 2019.”

    Top Metal Working Solution Companies in APAC

  • On Hing Metal effectively eliminates the traditional conventional vacuum valves in the tooling design, developing an air balance in the process. This aids in a smoother production, porosity-free casting process, reducing unwanted scrappage, simultaneously retaining the desired casting. Additionally, the company also utilizes over-molding and sophisticated multi-core sliding technology, thereby reducing the time consumed in post assembly and machining processes and assuring high-quality products. On Hing Metal’s expertise in die casting includes two unique techniques that reduce the overall process duration. What makes On Hing metal unique in the marketplace is its flexible production lines and documented control over every single process. Moreover, the team maintains every detail of Design for Manufacturing/Assembly (DFM/DFA), as well as the Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) in its database

  • Britannia


    Founded in 1996, Britannia Metal Industries engages the clients and market by designing, engineering, and manufacturing sheet metal products and components of the highest industrial standards. Led by an expert panel of engineers and industry veterans, the company handles some of the challenging jobs of the industry like sheet metal designing, precision designing, salvagnini panel folding, welding, 3D CAD design, laser cutting, turret punching, and assembly & finishing. Britannia helps clients design better products, remains competent in the industry standards, and serves both the Australian and international markets simultaneously

  • Delphic Manufacturing Solution

    Delphic Manufacturing Solution

    Established in Singapore, Delphic Manufacturing Solution bridges the gap between Asian opportunities and universal demand for metal and machine tools manufacturing with high quality products. As a manufacturing partner and tooling specialist for clients across multiple domains, the company provides comprehensive solutions according to the manufacturing demands. Delphic Manufacturing Solution specializes in high mix, low volume products that deliver quality craftsmanship and innovative solutions. The company is well recognized with ISO 9001, BizSAFE, and TAFEP certifications and standards, and is awarded multiple times for their services and solution

  • Excel Laser Cutting

    Excel Laser Cutting

    Focused on laser cutting technology for the manufacturing industry, Excel Laser Cutting specializes in serving architects, interior designers and builders as a growing Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) laser cutting solution provider. The laser cutting capabilities and infrastructures of the company can handle anything from aluminium, plastic, steel or other metals. For customers, Excel Laser Cutting offers state-of-the-art technology, high quality, customized solutions, timely delivery, and affordable services. Established in New South Wales in 1994, the firm also offers services in metal working for commercial, engineering, signage, screens, and creative fields

  • FORM2000


    FORM2000, a popular and fully automated sheet metal product manufacturer, offers its solutions to OEMs utilizing advanced 3D CAD design facilities and robotic manufacturing to provide superior build quality. Focused on developing the fit-for-purpose solutions, the company offers contracts for manufacturing the end products. FORM2000’s advanced and industry standard manufacturing facilities are capable of designing, prototyping, and production of products from sheet metals. Serving industries like electronics, telecom, medical, security, lighting, etc., the company excels in Laser cutting, automated fiber laser welding, turret punching, folding, fabrication, powder coating, form-in-place foam gasket applicator, and much more

  • Lantek


    Lantek offer advanced sheet metal solutions to firms that deal with sheet metal, tubes, and structural steel, utilizing CAD/CAM/MES/ERP softwares which is innovative and competent. Providing solutions that adapt to the manufacturers, the company’s solutions operate optimally and achieve maximum performance. Lantek is capable of solving manufacturing challenges with features like scrap reduction, rework elimination, flexible quoting, insight gaining, and flexible scheduling. Apart from providing optimum manufacturing methodologies, Lantek’s systems also provide analytical intelligence, cloud computing, and MES for the industrial clients across multiple verticals

  • Malabou


    Malabou is a metal product OEM solution provider that takes up the role of producing the end products with a team of metallurgists, mechanical and material engineers, delivering best products. As a metal component solution provider, Malabou ensures to understand the client requirements and deliver the product adhering to the quality and cost. The company’s metal companent manufacturing capabilities include casting, forging, machining, fabrication, hard chrome bar, and heat treatment & surface engineering. The Auckland-based company is certified with the highest industrial standards and serves multiple industrial domains

  • Openex Mechanical Technology

    Openex Mechanical Technology

    Openex Mechanical Technology provides a full range of metal working services that adhere to the multiple manufacturing demands with precision, quality, standards, and timely delivery across the globe. The company primarily serves its customers with machining, metal fabrication, casting, and forging. Openex Mechanical Technology is capable of producing high quality metal parts, components, and complete product assemblies. Having listed multiple manufacturing resources in China, the company serves Fortune 500 firms like JFE, Mitsubishi Motors, etc. along multiple industry verticals. As a professional metal working company, Openex is certified with ISO, CE, ASME, API, and LR certifications

  • ShapeCUT


    The Queensland-based ShapeCUT offer profile & steel cutting services with precision, reliability & speed. As a leading service provider, the company is equipped with equipments to perform multi-purpose cutting and fabrications. With an experience of more than 20 years in the industry, the company understands the customer demands and provides fast, flexible, exact, economical, and dependable solutions. The ISO 9001 certified ShapeCUT is associated with the top suppliers in the industry delivering quality end products. Serving multiple industries like transport, mining and construction, the company also offers services like bending, beveling, drilling, machining, rolling, warehousing etc

  • Tilley Group

    Tilley Group

    Established in 1921, Tilley Group provides a comprehensive design and manufacturing services in punching, laser cutting, and forming of sheet metal components and products for a variety of industry sectors. As an innovative sheet metal solution provider to multiple industrial sectors, the firm is known to offer services based on their core values of quality, service, collaborative approach, innovation, and high end operation. Tilley Group is an ISO accredited company and a trusted supplier and fabricator of products with mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel. With a long term experience in the industry, the company is also associated with score of partners giving an extensive range of services for the clients